Welcome to Vigneto Communications, a boutique public relations, marketing and educational consulting firm. At Vigneto Communications, we know that every successful company puts a lot of effort and time into managing their brand. Often in the wine and food business that brand is tied to the owners’ name and is therefore an even more precious asset. We want to work with you to protect and enhance your reputation.

At Vigneto, we create successful strategic communications plans which focus on brand awareness with specific target audiences. We choose the right media, venues, events and sponsorship opportunities, making sure that they match your goals and aspirations and are also well suited to your unique financial possibilities. We want to be partners with our clients and hopefully, one day count you among our friends. Our client base is small and specialized and we like it that way.

Vigneto in Italian means an area cultivated with vines. Whether you need communications help for a small project or on an ongoing basis, Vigneto Communications can work with you. Just as the word Vigneto does not define the area and size of the vineyard, our services are flexible and tailored to fit your needs, whether they are small or large, short or long-term. We speak your language, be it the language of food and wine or a foreign language.